When was the last time your customers heard from you?

Keeping in contact is not as hard as you may think.  Promoting your point of difference, engaging your customer, and keeping them informed about your latest products, services and special offers is easier with email newsletters.  And more importantly, you are able to easily measure the value and effectiveness of your campaign – making it more appealing than many other forms of marketing!

e-mail Newsletter Marketing

It is important for you and your business to realise the importance communicating your key messages with your customer – reminding them that you have what they want and keeping them up to date with what’s new.  With email newsletters, simply choose what you want to promote and when then put it into action using this useful feature. 

What's more - you will be able to measure the effectiveness of your promotion with very little effort.  This means you can easily determine whether your input, time, and money were well spent.  This information enables you understand how well your promotion was received by your target audience and to fine tune the next campaign, continually increasing your saleability.  In addition, you can effortlessly build and maintain a customer database so future communications with your customers cannot be easier!

E-newsletters will add value to any campaign and are particularly effective due to their low cost, wide reach and the ability to measure their results.

Do you want to generate new sales and increase repeat sales?

E-newsletters are proven to be a very effective sales tool.  Businesses currently using email newsletters for promotions are seeing new sales walk through the door at the press of a button. The content of your newsletter should link customers and prospects directly to a targeted page on your website giving them the specific information they need to know and make it easy to transact with you - ultimately resulting in increased sales!

As a small business, you require cost-effective yet high impact ways to market your key messages.

E-newsletters are effective in a number of ways - they eliminate additional costs such as printing and postage yet the reach of your message has unlimited potential, unlike with traditional print newsletters.  Suddenly you can communicate with a very large audience on a shoe-string!  And the environmentally conscious can deliver their messages leaving only a very minute imprint. 

Are your customers struggling to locate the information they are looking for?

E-newsletters provide a regular customer touch-point with your customers delivering content specifically aimed at their needs.  You can keep them informed while building and nurturing a mutually beneficial relationship, establishing your business as a valuable resource.  Sending out a newsletter is the first step in creating contact and the second is driving that traffic to your website and reinforcing your message or promotion by creating an appealing offer. For those of you keen to improve your search engine rankings, these regular updates and targeted hits will give you merit with Google and other Search Engines.    

Are you on the brink of delivering a new product and unsure of how best to communicate this to the right target market? 

E-newsletters ensure you keep customers informed of new products and promotions.  A well-written e-newsletter can inform and educate your customers and it will entice them to buy.  A smart strategy online is to build interest in the offer before it actually becomes available - rather than having a signup to newsletter form, why not have a signup to be the first to be notified when the product is launched.  This way, the client gets the benefit of being notified early about your launch and you get the benefit of more names and addresses in your database!      

Are you nowhere to be found amongst your competitors?

E-newsletters give you the ability to directly communicate with your customers, reminding them that you are there and value their business.  Each individual e-newsletter can be designed in a brand-specific way so that customers get a real and personal sense of you and your business. In addition, they can be kept informed of your latest offering, whether it is a promotion, an update on current services relevant to your clientele, or just a general hello to keep your business in the forefront of your customers’ minds.

Regardless of what type of message you want to get across, this easy and affordable solution allows you to communicate more effectively.  This month Webz is offering you the chance to purchase any one of the following:

  1. A basic newsletter template, which includes a brand-specific banner & setup of your first e-newsletter campagin.
  2. A customised email design and setup of your first email campaign ready to go as well as a customied specials page on your website ready for you to drive traffic to; or
  3. Upgrade to our Consolidate package*, which includes all of the above, plus a sign-up form embedded on your website, aimed to capture more subscribers* and the ability to manage your customer database through your website.  

Email Newsletters 

Do you find it hard to communicate your value?

When you write something yourself, you are often too close to the material to take an objective look at it. You know what you wanted to say and when you read what you have written, you can often miss mistakes or ‘fill in the gaps’ – your mind reads what you intended to write rather than what you have actually written.

Editing can be likened to polishing. A good polish can make a dull item shine, but the item itself is still recognisable. An editor’s job is not to change your words so they bear little resemblance to your original message; it is to polish them so your message is clear and unambiguous.

A common misconception is that editing is expensive but that's not the case.  Writeability offers very reasonable rates, with a minimum charge of half an hour and thereafter in 15-minute blocks, ensuring you only pay for what you need.

Good content deserves good editing – so choose to have your content professionally written to help your business shine! Get your first newsletter content enhanced by a professional editor for just $250 + GST.  One draft and a maximum of two edits included. 

Start making more contact with your customers now!  Fill in your details below & we will contact you to discuss the best email newsletter solution for your business.

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