1. What can Webz offer my business?
  2. Will I get a high profile through Google?
  3. How do I signup?
  4. I’m not a technical person – can I still use this system?
  5. When I work on the website, will it go offline?
  6. Is there a minimum subscription period?
  7. Can I use my current domain name? 
  8. Can I get email accounts?
  9. How much does it cost for an email account?
  10. How do I upgrade to a higher package?
  11. How much does an upgrade cost?
  12. Can I downgrade to a lower package?
  13. How can I pay online?
  14. What if I already have a website?
  15. What happens if I want to change web providers?
  16. What is the Cloud and do you do backups?
What can Webz offer my business?

Webz is a service delivery company - we provide services relating to the provision of websites and subscriptions to web software.  

Our user-pays service means that you only pay for the services you use and those services are only valid for the subscribed period.  This enables business owners to upgrade or downgrade their subscription in accordance with their business need at any point in time. 

As exclusive resellers of the Continuum Content Management System, Webz provide software as a service to power all our Clients websites.  Clients can then take advantage of the features available in accordance with their preferred plan for the subscribed period.

Will I get a high profile through Google?

With regards to your Google ranking, there are a number of factors which determine where you are placed – the competition in your field being the primary one.  

Another very important factor for a great Google profile is your content so if you provide some very descriptive content (with emphasis placed on keywords you want to target), this will add value to your ranking.

Our websites generally get good Google rankings in some search terms however there is no way to know exactly where you will rank before the site goes live.   Once your site is launched, we will assess your Google ranking and can offer some solutions for further improving those results.

How do I sign up?

When you signup to Webz, your website is automatically setup for you.  Once payment is confirmed, you will be emailed details for logging in and entering information to promote your business or project online.  Signup today!

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I’m not a technical person – can I still use this system?

Absolutely!  We have built this software with you in mind!  We’ll even set it all up for you so that you don’t even have to touch a computer to get your business or project online.

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When I work on the website, will it go offline?

No, your website will remain online while you make changes and those changes will only take effect when you publish the page(s) you have worked on.  View your changes in the preview window before publishing your page to ensure you are happy with your changes.

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Is there a minimum subscription period?

Yes. The minimum subscription period is for 12 months.

Webz may agree to a reduced minimum subscription period where your web project only requires a website for a short term.  In this case, clients are only required to subscribe for as long as you require our web services.  The Webz Team will agree to a reduced minimum subscription period where the new term is established prior to commencement of the project.

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Can I use my current domain name?

Yes – you can use your current domain name by transferring your domain name at the setup stage.  Alternatively, you can purchase a new domain name for your new website.

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Can I get email accounts?

Yes.  You are entitled to unlimited email accounts subject to your  subscription plan and the storage space available.  If you require more space, you can upgrade your subscription plan.

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How much does it cost for an email account?

Email accounts are included in your subscribed package.  For clients on the promote plan and higher, we provide the faclity for you to setup email accounts & forwarders yourself.  If you require our assistance, a support fee applies.

Web Connect customers are charged per email account or email forwarder setup.  Find out more... 

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How do I upgrade to a higher package?

Once you are subscribed to Webz, login to your web administration and raise a support ticket to upgrade to a higher subscription package.

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How much does an upgrade cost?

To upgrade to a higher plan, simply pay the new daily rate.

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Can I downgrade to a lower package?

Yes.  The concept behind Webz packages is that you should only subscribe to the subscription plan which offers the services you require so you can downgrade at any time.

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How can I pay online?

We provide the facility to pay invoice online by clicking on the 'pay online' link on the invoice, which will direct to you an area where payment can be made via credit card.  This is the only online payment facility we currently accept.    

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What if I already have a website?

We offer website conversion packages so that you sign up to one of our packages and simply bring elements of your current website with you.  Contact us to find out more.

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What happens if I want to change web providers?

As Webz provide subscriptions to the software which powers your website, you cannot take the software or administration system if you coose to change web providers.

Your ability to use the software is valid only for your subscribed period  – in the same way that if you subscribed to Xero (accounting) or Salesforce (CRM) for example, you would be paying for a licence to use the software that they have built and own.  

All of the content etc belongs to you so if you decide to move away from Webz in the future, you can take all of your content – including text, imagery, product database etc as well as the HTML files so that the site can quickly be established elsewhere.  What you cannot take is the website software or administration which includes the content management system enabling you to login and make updates etc and any of the features which are powered by that software (i.e. ecommerce functionality).

One of the major advantages to signing up with a web company that provides commercial software on this basis is the fact that it is continually enhanced and upgraded to your website inclusive in your subscribed fee & therefore the features available for use on your website are keep current as opposed to other models where your website quickly becomes dated with ageing technologies.

Cloud Based Solutions & what provisions are made for backups?

With regards to cloud based solutions – this has become very standard practice and is very much the way of the future for web technologies.  Although all types of internet service always carries some form of risk, in our view the risk of having your website stored on a server in-house on our premises would be a far greater risk to your business.  

Following the Christchurch Earthquake, we took the opportunity to assess our risk and thereafter moved our domain management to the largest  domain reseller in Australia and outsourced our server management to two levels of support (tier 2 and tier 3) in different locations offshore.

24/7 server monitoring is now in place with pings to the server every 5 minutes ensuring continuity of service and alerting our technical support to any downtime so that it can be resolved with minimum disruption to your services.  In most cases, any issues are usually always resolved before our clients become aware of them.

With regards to whether the cloud solution is a risk to your website – in reality, yes it is as are the NZ & US Government’s websites at risk so to be honest it is fairly difficult to mitigate that risk entirely – even with a huge budget and resources as no doubt they have.  It would be fairly unlikely that you are exposed to this type of catastrophic failure however it cannot be ruled out entirely.  

Our commitment to our customers is that, while we cannot offer guarantees that the service will be continuous or fault free, we will do our very best to provide these services & will restore any interrupted or faulty service as soon as we reasonably can.  We do expect that you hold backups of any data including text, media & product lists & images hosted on your website as the internet is never fail proof.  

Our data-centre does regular backups - your website is backed up daily, weekly & monthly on-site (at the data centre) so that we can restore your website should the need arise.  Over and above this, we are able to offer a premium service which ensures your website is backed up and saved at a separate location regularly should you wish to engage this service.