Glossary of Terms

Bandwidth Space
When visitors view your website, images are downloaded and media files such as videos may be played.  This usage incurs bandwidth space.

A browser is a computer application which allows you to browse internet websites.  Common browsers are Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera & Internet Explorer. 

Content Management
Content Management refers to the ability to add/edit/delete your website content (text, images etc).  Content management is now a common basis for all websites, allowing businesses to save costs by entering website information themselves rather than requiring the services of a web provider.

Domain Name
A domain name is a web address in the format which can be entered into the address bar of your browser to locate a website.

DNS (Domain Name Server)

For useful DNS information, click here.

Email Account
An email account is a storage facility for electronic mail.  Email accounts can be seting up in the format of: 

Email Auto Forwarder
An email auto forwarder is an email address in the format of : which can send a copy of all email received to your nominated email account (i.e.  You can then configure your third party email account so that the settings send/receive all mail to/from that account via a particular email address (i.e.

Websites require hosting, which is a service where space is allocated for the website.  Hosting consists of server space and bandwidth space.

Server Space
Server space is the hosting space used to store your web files, database and other resources.

Web Business Builder provides a web subscription service to the software which powers your website.  The subscription includes web features and hosting.