This is the ultimate plan for those businesses who are really serious about making an impact online.  Never let your website go out of date - on our premium plan you are entitled to regular feature upgrades at no extra cost!

These upgrades enable you to take advantage of the latest enhancements, fixes & new features.  The premium plan also allows you to keep your website up to date with the latest features in web development as they become available.  

Take advantage of the full range of web features without costly installation fees!

Monthly Reports

When you sign up to our premium plan, we will send you monthly reports, enabling you to measure your sites performance - from web statistics to SEO, this really is a must have for businesses who want to continually enhance their web presence.

Customised Forms

We have a range of industry specific pre-customised forms available for use online or if you have your own customised form requirements, we will develop them for you and you can make use of them on this package.  Collect specific data or survey your customers with our customised forms.


If you have information which you want to make available to your staff, suppliers or members only, take advantage of our membership section which enables you to restrict access to certain pages to those with passwords only.

Event Register

Running an event?  Why not get your applicants to register online via your website with our event registration module.

Classified Advertising

This module is generates revenue for your online business!  Include a section on your website for classified advertising so that your suppliers and affiliated businesses can upload their logo, promote their latest special and pay you for the privilege.  Our classified advertising module allows advertisers to upload their details and images to your web administration section and once you have confirmed the validity of the advert (and optionally received payment), you can publish their advert to your website with the click of a button - saving you time and earning you money!

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If you require customised features, contact us and we'll help configure a solution for you.