We offer quality, affordable custom made web sites, designed and developed to meet your needs. See our portfolio for some examples of our work.

5 Reasons We Stand Out Above the Rest:

  1. We are qualified web & IT professionals with applied skill & expertise in delivering quality websites.
  2. We deliver quality websites ON TIME and ON BUDGET.
  3. You will receive a professional, high standard of service from the Webz team at all times.
  4. You will have the ability to test your website via our live test environment prior to going live, giving peace of mind.
  5. Quality is an Attitude, Not a Design - Webz - we will deliver!

Our team have over 15 years experience in delivering technical solutions to companies throughout NZ. Our qualified staff follow established and proven business processes to ensure that we deliver websites which work, and which meet the needs of our customers.

In our experience, web designers, while they produce high quality designs, often fail to deliver websites which function correctly. If your website does not function as well as you would like it to, or if you are considering having a fully functional website built, read our FAQs: What Should I Consider When Choosing a Web Provider? Or contact us today to find out out we can ensure that your website will both look good and work well on the internet.


"Thanks for the time yesterday. This proactive approach and business support is a really great addition to the service, I appreciate and am sure it will be mutually beneficial". - Zoe, Second Base.